It's often hot and humid - forecast for afternoon rain is the norm and that's why we launch between 10:30 and 11am.

Sometimes we have to alter our start times due to weather. Be sure you check your emails the evening before your scheduled date in case we made a launch time change.

The Weather Network shows rain and thunder pretty well every day from July 1 to end of August. We think it’s really a plot to keep you watching.

Rain isn’t a big deal – a shower rolling through on a hot afternoon is kind of refreshing. Our only issue is lightning and we’ll work diligently to keep you off the river if that’s the case.

If by some small chance, lightning comes while you’re on the river, get off the river, sit on the shore under your Tube or Kayak – it will pass in 15-20 minutes and then you can continue. BUT, don’t sit under a tall tree and don't hold the paddle in your hand!