Your Adventure Begins

When you arrive, we'll give you your River Runner as well as a waiver for you to sign. You’ll get a life jacket and a dry bag.

Once you’re on the river, you'll be starting in 6 to 12 inches of clear water. The current will carry you along between 2-3 kilometers per hour. That means if you chose not to paddle at all, you would be on the river for over 3 hours.

About one and a half kilometers from the start you will reach the point where the Speed River joins the Grand. At this point, there will be more water flow and a slightly faster current. You’ll likely see a few herons and fishermen because of all of the fish in this area.

There is a long section of parkland down the east side of the river (on your left) once you've passed the Speed River. You’ll see a large gravel bank and get out there.

Generally, the river is slightly deeper on the left side because that is its natural course. If you see ripples or small rapids along the way, that is where the river is shallow and the current is hitting rocks on the bottom and pushing water upwards. You can avoid this (if you want to) by staying left.

As you drift down our lazy river, you’ll pass ten islands.

After another couple of kilometers you’ll start to see some homes on the ridge above the river, you’ll also be able to spot a huge Totem Pole. The Galt Golf and Country Club will come up on the left and on the right, you’ll get to see the beautiful Limestone Bluffs.

At this point, the river gets wider, deeper (2-6ft) and has less current. We also share the river with the Cambridge Rowing Club. They use what is called rowing sculls that are long and very narrow. If you're lucky you'll get a chance to watch them in action.

Next we'll stay to the right side of the river. In about a kilometer, you’ll see a YELLOW flag on shore at a small sand spit. This is where you’ll leave the river and carry your River Runner, paddle and dry bag to our nearby trailer.

At the trailer, you will receive a taxi pass (4 people per cab) and can return to your car or walk along the river trail for about 8-10 minutes where you will arrive in Old Galt. There are lots of places to see and explore all within a very short walking distance. Once you’re finished you will go to our in-town taxi pick-up point at The Blackwing Coffee Bar and call the taxi.
After you've enjoyed your day of Tubing The Grand we would sincerely appreciate a review on TripAdvisor or Google.


Hope You Have Fun,
Julia, Amanda & Gary