The Experience

The Turbo Tubing Adventure starts at our launch site on the Grand River at Moyer’s Blair Landing at 780 Fountain St South in Cambridge.

At the start, the lazy current is about 1km per hour but in 30 minutes it will double in speed as the river gets narrower and shallower.

In 25 minutes, you’ll encounter a very small set of rapids. These present no challenge for adults or children.

10 minutes further comes the first route option. We have a LARGE white arrow here to direct Turbo Tubers around an island if you want. That route is slightly deeper and has an Amazon type atmosphere. BUT, both routes around the island have a couple of shallow spots where you may have to walk 20-30ft.

After the island, there are 2 1/2km of pure relaxation. 2ft depth with good current.

100 yards after the creek, there’s a boulder near the left shore of the river. Part of the boulder is painted white and easy to see.

After this boulder, make a left turn and stay on the left side of the channel as it makes a quick right turn in about 40 yards.

In 35 minutes, after you’ve passed the Galt Golf and Country Club, the river loses current speed and you’ll have to paddle for the last 750 yards.

TIP: if you’re not used to paddling, cut the fingers off some old gloves or buy some at the Dollar Store. Makes it much more comfortable on your hands.

When you come around a corner in the river, you’ll see our trailer & flag on the right shore.

Leave the river and take your Turbo Tube to our trailer less than 50 feet away.